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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!

Today is my birthday!!! Aren't those flowers beautiful...Chris got them for me! Since he had to work most of the day we couldn't do anything too exciting. So, I planned to go to knit group and showing off my newly finished felt bag and then we went to a CC hockey game in the evening.

We found out that the Black Forest Community Center was holding a Llama festival this morning and decided we'd go check it out. So after saying hanging around for a bit and chatting, a few of us piled in cars and headed down the street. There were a couple llama's hanging around outside that were very fuzzy looking. I especially loved the golden brown one and the baby. Inside they had a bunch of tables set up to display merchants and they're llamalicious goodies. I couldn't stay long because I was expecting a package that I needed to be home for, so I looked around and said goodbye to my knit pals.

I really didn't have much planned for the afternoon, so I just hung out and watched tv until it was time to head to the hockey game. Of course we had yummy sports food, and watched a TERRIBLE game... Yah CC clobbered the other team. It was really too bad, but Chris said it was typical of Minnesota State to suck.

We had a good time at the game, and though it wasn't an action packed birthday, we have plans to go out to dinner tomorrow night and then Chris has Monday off. We'll probably go do something fun on Monday but for now I'm off to bed. Another year gone by... they just seem to slip away these days.


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