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Friday, November 17, 2006

Felted Bag Finale

Well, I finally finished it. I decided to go with multi-colored handles and it looks great! :o) I felted it four times this morning with a big load of jeans. The first time, hardly anything changed with the bag, it just got a little fuzzier. The second time is started to shrink some, but was still pretty big. The third time the stitch patter was starting to just blend together and it was almost the size I wanted. In fact, I was worried that if I put it in again (since I couldn't pull it out half way through) that it would be too small. But I went for it and it came out the perfect size. It's a great size for a knitting bag, just big enough to carry the project that I'm working on right that moment. Although, I think that in the future I will sew the handles on a little differently so that they don't pull so much on one row of stitches. (Oh well, its all a learning process.) Anyway, I love how it turned out and Chris was shocked at how much it shrank. :o) That's wool for yah. Oh Oh! I have to say that the yarn I used was Lambs Pride wool with mohair so it's got this lovely soft fuzziness to it now.

As for other stuff that went on today, in honor of my birthday tomorrow, I have decided to use Chris' thoughtful Christmas present (from last year of course) and take myself to the spa for a La Stone Massage and facial. It was my first time visiting a real spa. Though I've had massages before (at sports medicine of course,) this was a very different kind of massage. As Chris says, it was a "Feel Good" Massage, not a "Good For You" Massage. It was relaxing and all, but I guess because I'm used to the GFY Massages, the FG just don't cut it. Don't get me wrong though, it felt good, but it didn't seem like she pushed hard enough. Anyway, I was nice a relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. If you have the chance, definitely give it a try some time.


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