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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Well, I FINALLY did it... I frogged the bag and actually started, and almost finished it. (Which is truly my lifes story...starting and not finishing half the crafty projects I set out to do...but that's for another post.) After finding out a week or two ago that the yarn I was using would not felt, I was glad that I had not tried to complete this project on my own in the year since I ambitiously started knitting. After frogging and balling the yarn-that-would-not-felt, I went home and pulled out some beautiful country colors that my Knit Group pal Christy bought for me this time LAST YEAR for my birthday! I set out to design a bag that was both colorful, easy, and well, used equal amounts of all the colors (since I only had the exact amount needed.) :o) I started with a pattern that Christy found for me online "The Skull Knitting Tote" and then modified it to my needs. I like the size, dimensions, and look of the bag, but didn't exactly care for the artistic design. Then I just knit, knit, knit away and finally found myself at the end. All that's left now is to make icord for the handles and felt it. But first I must decide if I want to make each handle one solid color, each a different color, each stripey of all three, if so, like the bag, or even chunks... Anyway, I will experiment further. I can't wait to finish this, it'll be the first thing I've actually knit for myself, and how fitting since the yarn was given to me for my birthday! Have a great week everyone!


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