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Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

It is that dreaded day of the year...BLACK FRIDAY! The second largest shopping day of the year (the day before christmas is now the first.) I don't usually like shopping, it just frustrates me, but we need a new set of pots and pans. I had decided I either wanted a cheapo set to last just a year or two (that's about how long non-stick is suppose to last), or I wanted an amazing set that was WAY too expensive. The obvious choice for right now was to pick the cheap set and wait on the good set. I found a really great deal at Linen-N-Things for a decent set of pots and pans (not bottom of the line, but not name brand either,) so decided I'd get up at the butt crack of dawn and see if I could nab a set for $50!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! Talk about crazy! The store opened at 6 am, and by 5:45 am there was a line all the way down the sidewalk to get in. Luckily I brought my ipod, so jumped in line and turned on a little Pottercast to bide the time. When I finally got in, I fought my way to the back of the store where these pots and pans were being displayed, and grabbed a set. Then I back tracked to get in the checkout line, which is already wrapped double around the store. (Thank God for my ipod!) Two and half hours later I have arrived at home with a brand new set of pots and pans.

Eager to wash them and get rid of the old ones, I start pulling them out of the box. I get to the last pot and find, when I put the lid on, that the pot is dented. I call over to the store to find out if they have any extras that I could come and exchange them for, but they are all out...already! The lady tells me that I should just wait and call back in a week or so when the rush has died down and they have gotten a replenishment order in. Grrrr, so now I have an opened box of pots and pans (which I can't use, not get all of them back in the stinking box) sitting around the house waiting to be exchanged. At least they said I could return them!

Tomorrow I will brave the crowds again, but just to hit JoAnn's to see if I can get my mom some scrapbooking stuff for Christmas real cheap. Ugh, the crowds... I hate them, yet, I add to them.


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