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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The World Beer Tour Finale!

(Left: Me drinking my 110th beer.) If you're not familiar with the restaraunt Old Chicago's, they have this program that you can sign up for called The World Beer Tour. Each beer on their menu (and there are over 150) has a number associated with it. When you drink a beer, that number is recorded on your WBT card. As you drink your way through 110 different beers, yes they must be different, you are given prizes. For example, after you have drunk 10 beers, you are given playing cards. After 25 a clip on watch with compass, 40 a bottle opener, 55 a t-shirt, 70 a travel mug, 85 a baseball cap, 100 a cooler, and finally when you've drunk 110 beers you get a sweatshirt and your name emblazoned on a plaque in the Hall of Foam! (Right: Me with all my swag that I won for completing the tour. Look that black shirt has a reinBeer on it. heheheh) It has taken me two and a half years, but I finally completed my tour of 110 beers. Now understand, I am not an alcoholic, nor do I really enjoy the majority of beers, so this was a test of will and I won. In fact, there were some very NOT GOOD beers that I ended up drinking since you can't really double up on the good ones. However, I have gained a greater appreciation for a number of other beers that really were "not too bad." And some day I can take my pals to my home Old Chicago's and show them my name eblazoned in this HALL OF FOAM!!!!!


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