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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Home for the Holidays...NOT!

We are going NOWHERE for Christmas! GRRRRR!

Because of this wonderful blizzard that has lashed out on all of Colorado for the past couple days, we will not be making it to Oregon for the holidays. We were suppose to leave out of Denver at 12:55 pm today, but obviously we and many others are going nowhere. However, I must admit we are lucky in the sense that we did not get stuck at the airport, and we are safe and sound in our own home. And because our flight was scheduled on day 2 of this blizzard, they did not officially cancell our flight until about 9 am this morning. This made it difficult to convince any airline representative yesterday that our flight needed to be changed even though their computers said it would be "on time". So everyone from yesterday who had their flight cancelled was given a jump start on filling in all the extra slots on each plane once the airport did reopen. The earliest we would have been able to leave was late on the evening of the 26th, which was a total waste since we would still have to come back on the 28th for Chris to be at work. We discussed driving home, or even to Salt Lake City where they could get us a flight, but they were all not very practical ideas. In the end, it was a tough decision, but we finally just asked for our money back.

Though I understand it is not anyones fault per say, it still makes me angry and sad because I know it won't feel like Christmas here! We aren't with our family, we have nothing planned, and maybe worst of all, we have opened all our presents already. We opened them early because they were gifts we were not going to carry all the way to Oregon, open, and then lug back. Now, I'm not trying to be material, but you have to admit, if you have presents and they have already been opened, it kind of ruins the excitement for Christmas Day. I suppose, though, what I'm most worried about is that because we're not going away for Christmas, our "vacation" will feel like just a long weekend. We'll stay home and do practically nothing and then the vacation will come to the end and it won't have had any special holiday feel. I don't know, maybe I'll get over this, but right now its worrying and upsetting.

In an effort to combat the week long weekend blues, I think we may try to do some fun things around town, and maybe even try to go snowboarding one day! We'll see, that will take a little research as well. Happy Holidays to everyone out their, and when you say your Christmas dinner prayers, be thankful that your loved ones could join in your celebrations!


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