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Thursday, September 28, 2006

BAD BAD Blogger

It certainly has been a long time since I last posted... Well, better late than never I guess.

So lately I've been getting into this GroceryGame.com thing. Basically they produce lists for grocery stores in your area of advertised and unadvertised sales, when to use coupons to make the most of those deals, and so on. So far I have saved CRAZY amounts of money! Think between 45-76% each week depending on what I buy. You see the philosophy is to stockpile things you normally use (even if you don't need it right now) if its at the listed rockbottom price. That way, when you do need it, you are pulling it from you pantry at a cheap price instead of running to the store and paying full price.

Ultimately you start to do your meal planning around what is on sale, which helps out even more. The only downside is that until you get the hang of it... or when you really get involved, there are chances that you can go a little over board. (Prime Example: Walmart was having a special sale on All Small & Might [suggested retail value aprox. $5] for $2 a bottle. Through the GG message boards, I was notified that there was a $1 off coupon out there or in my stock of coupons I had collected from the Sunday paper. I promptly went to Wally World and bought 2 bottles with my 2 coupons... THEN came home and ordered 10 more coupons!!!!! When this sale was all said and done, I have accumulated like 25 bottles of this super concentrated laundry soap. That's like 2 years worth of laundry soap for me and the boy for only $25!!!)

Overall, its a good thing. I just need to keep the budget in mind! So if your interested in saving a ton on groceries and other items, go the the GG website and sign up for their $1/4wks trial. If you dont like it, you're only out a buck! Oh oh and say I referred you too!

I will continue to track my expenditures for this experiment as I go...and update occasionally.