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Friday, November 04, 2005

5 Years and Counting...

It was only a year ago that I received my five year employee recognition with the USOC, and now I’m unemployed. However, this night wasn’t about me, it was about Chris. This was his year to receive the recognition of his peers. We arrive fashionably late (as usual), but we still able to enjoy a little mingling before being seated at the beautifully decorated tables.

We sat with Ed and his wife Laura and of course shared a few laughs during the evening. This year there were a lot fewer people being recognized, so we zipped through the program. The meal was buffet, but was still wonderful. I was looking forward to a chocolate fountain all week, but was disappointed to find that they were only offering cobbler and cheesecake. Oh well, perhaps in another five. All in all, it was a pleasant evening of food, conversation, and honoring my hardworking man. So keep it up sweetheart, you’re hard work is always appreciated.